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Friday, December 17, 2010


This morning, my daughter's school was on a two-hour delay. My husband (who is home for the weekend) and I took full advantage of a couple hours of extra sleep. My daughter actually stayed up and diligently used the time for some extra swotting.

The horses were the victims of this delay, and I found them hovering up by the house when I finally emerged.

As is usual in cold or wet weather, I drove my daughter down the drive to meet the bus. And, as is not customary, Bridget followed us down and stood by the fence next to the car.

After the bus had driven off with my daughter and I was heading back up the drive, I looked over at Bridget. She had picked up a stray piece of bark and was waving it at me over the fence.

Here are George and Rose, finally eating breakfast.

p.s. Rose's leg is worse again. I think she's working on an abscess.

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