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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Going Solo

Yesterday Chloe finagled her way into the big empty pasture again - actually it's two conjoined pastures.

Later, I saw her standing by one of the gates into the yard and walked over to see if she was wanting to come out.

No thanks, I'm good here.
I left her where she was, but as I was shutting the gate, she moved closer. So just to be sure, I opened the gate again.

No, really, I'm just going to stay right here.
She spent the rest of the day pottering about, enjoying her freedom from oppression I imagine.

But as darkness was beginning to fall, I saw her waiting by the gate closest to the other pasture. She readily consented to put her halter on and be lead out. As she was reluctant to enter by the gate where the other horses were clustered, we ran together (Quick! Before George gets there!) down to the small gate from the yard, where we succeeded in getting Chloe through and released before the arrival of the others.

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