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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Replace Your Divots

Today the horses went totally bonkers and galloped around the house about five times and around each of the fields at least once.

I don't know what spooked them, but the condition in which they left the lawn makes me fear that certain other family members are going to demand that their yard privileges be revoked.

One day, I might want to have a proper yard, and then what's to become of us?


  1. Looks just like my lawn! And no, my husband is not happy about it, but fortunately he's seen them jump over the electric fence himself

  2. I know all about that! Pity the husbands of horse mad women.

  3. Husbands, yes, and chez moi it's also the daughter, who has - yes, she has - made me up a chore list of daily housekeeping duties.