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Sunday, May 6, 2012

The High Chaperone

George and Bridget's relationship is still very iffy. There has been considerable rapprochement of late, and the two of them can share the same, oh about, 15-foot-radius space in peace (especially if Rose is there too), but there's no companionable touching - only the occasional nip (from George) or kick (from Bridget). And of course Bridget still fears George's outbursts, his I'm-in-charge-and-you-will-move-NOW attacks.

This evening, I went out to spend time in the pasture with the horses. I climbed onto the trunk of a fallen tree, giving me a comfortable perch about four feet off the ground.

The horses followed. Here is Bridget investigating.

George came over too, and pretty soon he and Bridget had stationed themselves, one on each side of their elevated chaperone, and proceeded to cautiously work their way towards each other, all the while pretending to be only interested in sniffing the bark or chewing my shoelaces.

They nibbled the grass still clinging to the roots of the tree, chewed on the dirt, pulled at my shoes, pawed the ground, inched their noses close to each other, retreated, and sometimes George snuck around behind me and reached over the tree trunk towards Bridget. Everything was very quiet and tentative, except for one moment of scuffle when George reached over the tree trunk and tried to bite Bridget. Then he decided to have a little rest.

I'm just going to stand here, k?

Here is Bridget trying to climb up with me

The upended roots are providing a safety barrier between them.

Finally George turned away from Bridget and stationed himself lengthwise along the tree trunk, parking his butt where I could conveniently scratch it.

(My new camera phone is not good, especially in poor light.)
Here are two pictures I took earlier today, which have no particular story attached to them, but I just kindof like them.

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