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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Getting Serious

Bridget is growing up.  Physically, she has all but lost her adolescent disproportion and gawkiness and is returning to the beautiful conformation which made her stand out as a baby. Mentally, she is becoming more serious - and more challenging.

She is still curious and affectionate and goofy. But there is an increasing air of imperiousness about her, and a sense that she is becoming someone who demands respect.

Today, as I was working with her, she became impatient. I insisted, by being stubborn rather than by applying pressure, that she pay attention and work with me. She did, but when I set her free, she left immediately - which is not like her.

She doesn't yet have Chloe's wisdom, nor does she have the immense reserves of kindness and courtesy hidden behind George's gruff facade. Or the great sweetness of Rose.

What she does have is intelligence, boldness, enthusiasm, charm, good sense, playfulness, optimism, communicativeness, and cordiality.

I hope that if I work with her regularly, she will learn that there is something to be said for this activity. Going for walks may be a good way of working together. I think I may suspend the privilege she currently enjoys of swinging her tail towards me so that I can scratch her hindquarters. I don't know. I feel a need now to set some boundaries - at least temporarily - and to discuss with her the reality that as she grows into her new role as an adult, I will not allow her to add to her status by trying to lord it over me.
Enjoying a little home-grown alfalfa on the first day of autumn


  1. How old is Bridget? I feel like many of the horses I have worked with start to push boundaries closer to five. It isn't that they don't have their baby moments when they are younger but around five they get balanced and confident enough to really question you but don't yet have the miles under them to understand the wisdom of just working with the humans.

  2. Yup, she's four and a half - right on target!

    I do sense that growing balance and confidence in her, as you say.

  3. When I wrote this entry, I was more feeling the challenge of her new adulthood, but then the following day, her growing maturity showed its plus side!