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Monday, April 1, 2013


I was going through old photos on the computer and came across some pictures of Bridget back when she was called Pandora and still lived at the rescue barn. I took these photos during a period of time when I went to visit her a couple of times, probably pretending to be "helping out" but secretly thinking of adopting her. She lived in a large pasture with a creek running through it, and her pasture mate was none other than Rose, whom I found very standoffish and slightly intimidating. Who knew she was going to come live with us too?!

Always ready to follow along to see if there's some fun to be had.

Now what?

Having followed me to the gate, Bridget protests being
left in the pasture with that boring grown up, Rose.

You can see she was in a phase of not quite having grown into her head. When she was very little, she had beautiful conformation, and now she's grown back into pretty nice proportions. But, hey, who cares about conformation! It's what's inside that counts, right?

The rescue owner always wanted me to adopt Pandora/Bridget, but I always thought she was so nice that she would work out well with lots of different people, and there was no need for me to be that person. I think I recall that after my visits to her in the big pasture by the creek, I realized I didn't want her to work out well with someone else - I wanted her to work out well with ME.


  1. Love the photo's! How nice to have them.. She obviously chose you and she's a lucky girl that you heard her. Bridget is a much nicer name for her than Pandora.

  2. Thanks, Sandra - glad you approve the name change! As a matter of fact, picking Bridget as a name was a big part of finally deciding to adopt her.

  3. Nice photos. Fun to see, and you are obviously the right human for her.

  4. Thanks, Maire! And glad to see the Gremlin's gone