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Friday, October 11, 2013

Getting to Know You

Kelsey lived with us for fifteen years before she died. Misty spent the last fourteen years of her life with us, and Miscato the last eight years of his. Each of these horses was with us longer than our current horses, who have been with us four-and-a-half, four, and three years respectively. (Chloe the pony, of course, spans both eras.)

Yet despite the much greater length of time which I spent with the old gang, I feel that I know our present horses much better than the former ones. I feel closer to them, and they seem to know me better. I loved our old horses and had what I felt to be a good relationship with them, and yet we were relative strangers to each other when compared to the relationship I have with George, Rose, Bridget and now-Chloe. Kind of wish I could do it over again.

My oldest daughter and her best friend out for a 
ride with Misty and Kelsey in 2000. 

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