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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bridget Has a Turn

Since their expedition together, George and Rose have gotten all soppy. Yesterday, they were off smooching together in the back pasture, while Bridget stayed behind in the front pasture. She parked herself hopefully by the gate and succeeded in luring me out to set her free on the lawn.

When she expressed an interest in the barn pasture, I opened the gate for her, and in she went.

Bridget on left of drive, Rose and George on right, me on lawnmower.
She was having a fine time and was not particularly interested in being returned to the fold. You can see why.

She has been eating dirt. I must hurry out and buy some more mineral lick tomorrow. Isn't there something bad which can happen when you get sand in your gut? And isn't there something you can do to get rid of it?

Here is George wondering what all this lawn mowing is about.


  1. Psyllium will help getting sand out. More about psyllium:

    George is adorable!