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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chloe Takes Charge

There's absolutely no point trying to train Chloe; she is training me, and she's a lot smarter than me.

Today, she was out by herself on the lawn. I went over with some apple to entice her into practicing tricks, but although she accepted the pieces I offered her, she was more interested in munching the tall grass at the edge of the yard.

Later I went out again, carrying the halter and leadrope. As soon as she saw me, she came right over. But when I tried to put the halter on, she moved away. I pursued, but each time I caught up with her, she moved away again. Then she set off down the drive at a trot. I ran beside her, and when we stopped, she turned towards me and touched the halter with her nose. I put it on her, and this time she had no objection.

We did the foot-up-on-my-knee trick, but two or three times when I was asking her to put her foot up, she re-positioned herself so that I was alongside her .... in mounting position? Could she possibly be suggesting that I ride???? There was no way I was going to risk offending her by trying to sit on her, but I flopped forward over her back instead, and she stood quite still. Tomorrow a friend's 8-year old daughter is coming over to meet Chloe. I've already explained the "Chloe never has to anything she doesn't want" rule, so we'll see what is permitted. Obviously I have to leave it up to Professor Chloe to take the lead in what happens.

After Chloe returned to the field, George re-asserted his authority by driving Chloe off in a mad dash around the field. They all had a fine time running around before dinner.

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