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Friday, May 14, 2010

From Lucifer to Lassie

At our old barn, Chloe used to be known as Devil Pony.

Today at the barn, one of the boarders came out and said, "Did you know your pony's loose?"

Another boarder who was there said, "Oh that's just Chloe, she's like a dog."

Today Chloe reciprocally groomed me for the first time.  As she's not used to scratching humans, she got a little ouchy with her teeth.  I stopped scratching whenever she got toothy and said, "Ow." Then I remembered to not be thinking about what she was doing but to concentrate on feeling relaxed and unbitten.  She got the hang of only using her upper lip.

Today I also was inspired to ask George to do some moving sideways with his back legs and front legs.  Sometimes he doesn't want to listen, but today for some reason, perhaps because I was filled with enthusiasm, he kept his attention on me.  When he did what I wanted, I overreacted with praise and congratulation, which I think he rather enjoys.

I trimmed Bridget's feet today.  It took for ever. She was very squirrelly.   However, fresh from my trimming weekend in Colorado (more on that later), I am all alert to the Dangers of Unbalanced Feet, and so I put my own foot down, and we finished all four of hers.  I paused many times in the process to recall the pair of us to friendship and tranquility, so I hope the experience was not too negative.  Probably a bit like having to go with your mother to the laundromat.

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