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Monday, May 3, 2010

A Little About Bridget's Background

Here is where Bridget came from:

Last Chance Corral Foal Rescue

Along with 23 other nurse-mare foals, she was brought to Mississippi in the spring of 2008 by my friend Stephanie Billingsley, who runs Mississippi Horses.org. The more youngsters removed from Last Chance Corral, the more they can take in.  Stephanie has now found homes for all but two of the original 24.  I think she's planning to head out to Ohio to bring home some more!

Of course the problem will not go away until the practice of using nurse mares in the racing industry comes to an end. Every single one of those foals was smart, beautiful and loving, and every single one would have been thrown in the trash had it not been for Last Chance Corral.

Stephanie dedicates huge amounts of time and resources to sheltering unwanted or abused horses.  She has a beautiful, spacious facility at Twelve Oaks Farm in Madison, MS where the horses receive loving care and training until approved homes can be found for them.

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