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Monday, May 17, 2010

What's up with this funny game?

Bridget is a contact sport kind of a girl.  She's always leaning on me, chewing on me, bumping into me and - her new craze - pawing at me with her forelegs.  The gesture is not at all demanding or impatient but rather seems seems playful and curious.

I can feel the movement welling up inside her before it happens, and if I look at her leg, it seems to be beginning to, I don't know, vibrate or something.

When presented with a leg, I feel I must respond with appreciation.  Clearly this is an interactive, friendly overture and as such deserves a friendly response. The habit has begun to spread: yesterday, I moved down her side toward her hind legs, and lo and behold, she raised her right hind and poked her foot at me.  There was no resemblance to a cow-kick - the movement was calm, controlled and slow.

I have the feeling that when she does this, she is not saying something specific, that she is being generally outgoing with her limbs, that it is a gesture of connection. Or maybe I'm wrong; maybe she means, "I'd like fries with that."

Whatever it means, it's rather fun.

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