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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bridget is Bold

And this is why Chloe is the only one allowed unsupervised off-site playtime privileges.

I was looking out of the kitchen window and saw Bridget staring at the house, so I opened the door and shouted out, "Hello, Bridget." A few minutes later, when I looked through the window again, Bridget was standing with one foot on the gate.

Well, I can take a hint. I went out, put Bridget's halter on and let her loose on this side of the gate. I figured she'd want to stick close to the house and to where the other horses were. Ha. She skedaddled down the driveway toward the road, the other horses in hot pursuit on their side of the fence.

I ran after her. Down on the road, there was a Big Scary Tractor heading our way. When Bridget saw it, she turned around and came right to me: "Maybe you should put my leadrope on now." After the BST had passed, she snooped around and inspected such interesting items as a piece of white tape tied to a single-strand wire fence. I encouraged her to go a little further than she initially wanted, and then led her back to the field.

Bridget's boldness leads me to hope that we'll soon be able to go for a long walk. The farmer has just harvested the winter wheat he was growing on our big field, and I told him, now that we're back in residence, we want to keep a trail open all round the edge of the field. So there will be plenty of places to explore.

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