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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Moving Up, etc.

Rose now has first-dibs-on-food seniority over both Bridget and Chloe.  I'm hoping she will not come to out-rank George, as we think the responsibility of being the boss is good for him.  Up til now, he's always been pastured with at least one more dominant gelding.

Rose initiates grooming with Bridget a lot.  George has started to offer to groom me, which is a new development, and Bridget and Chloe are grooming each other too.

Bridget is obsessed with offering me her forelegs.  We're working on our Harpo Marx routine.  I'm Margaret Dumont, or maybe I'd rather be Groucho.

Chloe comes up to me a lot, but drifts away very quickly - presumably because she feels pushed by the others. I'm hoping she'll decide to come out of the field for some one-on-one peace and quiet and/or exploration.

George is delightful.  He often comes up and slides me into his shoulder zone.  He follows his young mistress around when she goes in to visit him.

Rose came up to my daughter but has so far not come closer to me than a couple of feet.

They like it when I carry Susie the Westie over to them.  (She can't be left on the ground around so many horse legs.)  They snuffle her fur, and she doesn't mind as long as she's mentally prepared. The other dogs refuse to venture into the field.  I think maybe they associate horse pastures with electric fences.

The horses love their shade trees.  Once or twice they've all galloped across the field together - so lovely to see!

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  1. Fun to see them all settling in. I love watching how horses adjust to each other and change how they are in relation to each other and to you.