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Sunday, July 4, 2010


Our neighbours do not believe in allowing a trivial matter such as legality to spoil their enjoyment of the fourth of July. Besides, legal fireworks are just not much fun.  So last night we were treated to a splendid display of felonious pyrotechnics emanating from the vicinity of our neighbours' property.

The horses all gathered round the fence to observe the spectacle.  The crashes and flashes seemed to inspire only curiosity.  My camera couldn't pick up the background, but here is George enjoying the show:

And speaking of curiosity, yesterday there was an electrician's van in the horses' field.  They all crowded around and didn't disperse until the van left:

The reappearance of photos is because I have a new camera phone.  My old one died, and as I want to be able to take decent pictures and don't want to carry a camera, I gave my free phone upgrade to my daughter and bought a used Sony Ericsson Cybershot c905a which has like 8.1 megapixels.  So far I'm not getting very good results. Very pixelly.  But this may be because I'm texting the photos to myself, and we have dodgy cell phone service in this  area. I've ordered a USB connector in order to be able to upload photos directly to the computer, and hopefully that will work better.

The horses are in the barn pasture now, where there is more grass.  Since moving, they have reconfigured.  Lately, Rose and Bridget have been an item, while Chloe has been tagging along with George.  Since moving, however, Chloe and Bridget are back together, and Rose is with George.  The most significant difference is that everyone is following Chloe.  Chloe is the one who will set off to graze a new patch, or who will see something in the distance and march over to check it out, the others trooping after her.

To close, here is a photo of another of My Favorite Things:  washing on the line ....

See?  Pixelly.


  1. Nice to see the photos! Maybe Chloe is what Mark Rashid would call a passive leader.

  2. I've wondered that. I'm not sure if it's that or if it's because she's the bravest. If she were bigger, she would be the boss for sure.