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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fun with Bridget

Our household is in the throes of wedding preparations.  However, when I came out of the house this afternoon, Bridget was waiting by the fence.  In a frisky mood, having just bought myself a new outfit for the Rehearsal Dinner, I grabbed a halter and went to get her.  As soon as she was out of the gate, she didn't wait to be asked but said, "Let's get out of here!" and set off purposefully down the drive.

Last time we went for a walk she was hesitant to go very far.  This time, however, we went down the road, all the way up the side of the 12-acre field, across the top of the top field and around the far side of the barn, before returning along the road the other way, and back up the driveway. We encountered the dogs, on an expedition of their own, a flock of grazing geese, some interesting edible plants, and a large wagonload of hay covered with a tarp.

Coming back by the barn, the other horses cantered over to the fence, whinnying.  Bridget whinnied back but didn't want to go over to say hello.

A couple of times Bridget paused rather longer than I wanted, and once, early on, she considered turning around to go home. I remembered a recent blog entry from Ponies at Home and tried to project a jolly-hockey-sticks attitude of confidence and leadership.  I don't know if that's what did the trick or not, but Bridget was a good sport and followed me.

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