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Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello, Chloe

Today, Chloe stood near the gate, hopefully, after the others had wandered off. I opened the gate and let her through into the yard to see what she could find to eat.

I proceeded to forget all about her until I came out a few hours later to find her standing patiently by the gate, waiting to be let in again.

Later on, I was putting hay out for the horses near the barn. George, Rose, and Bridget wasted no time in coming over to tuck in. Chloe, however, stopped while she was some distance off, looked at me, and seemed to project a "Come over here" vibe. I walked over and stopped a few feet away; she walked up to me.

I scratched her and stretched her back legs. I asked her if she wanted me to pull on her front legs in the manner of Bridget. She knows how to shake hands so she immediately thrust a foreleg at me. When I pulled, she seemed to like it and readily offered the other leg next. Bridget appears to enjoy having her leg pulled too - I guess it must feel good.

Chloe soon wandered off to a pile of hay, but I was glad she was interested in spending some time together.

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