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Friday, January 21, 2011

Scene from the Bathroom Window

George chases Bridget away from the water and goes back to eating his hay.

Bridget moseys over to her pile of hay.  I think to myself, "Bridget, I can't wait til you take over. George is a paper tiger - you should go for it."

Bridget starts creeping over to George's pile of hay, one step at at time, yawning all the way. She arrives at the edge of the pile and starts nibbling.

Every time George gives her a look, she backs off a little or turns her head away, but then resumes eating. George doesn't move, but after receiving one sour glance too many, Bridget leaves and goes back to the hay pile she's been sharing with Chloe.

Tag team - Chloe leaves and walks over toward George.

Nah, that's far enough. She turns around and goes back to the girls' pile.

They'll wear him down yet.

p.s. I know the water trough shouldn't be in a corner, but it's the only place the hose will reach.

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