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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nap Time

Over the extended holiday season,  the horses got used to being fed rather later than usual. However, after her excursion yesterday, Chloe was up by the fence, alone, staring at the house, early this morning when my daughter left for school. So of course I had to let her out.

The day started off very cold - 16F - but warmed up to a balmy 48F by the middle of the day. Wearing only a sweater, I went into the field to spend time.

Bridget indulged in her new thing, which is having me hold her foot up underneath her chest. She pushes her foot at me and then emphatically pulls it back, relaxing when her leg is safely tucked up beneath her. She'll stay in that position for several minutes.

She also enjoy having her leg stretched out and held securely between my knees.

Today, deciding that maybe she could do something with her hind legs too, she kept picking them up and poking them at me. She didn't enjoy having her hind leg stretched or held up, but she persisted in trying again - perhaps hoping for a more satisfactory experience.

George was lying down in some hay. Bridget and Rose dared to get quite close; he gave them peevish looks but didn't move.

Later on, when he was standing up, I really wanted to go and stand near him. Here was an example of when my feelings clearly did not coincide with his. Sometimes I feel like I'm a little kid wanting attention and a hug. I sidled up to him. Everything was ok up to about two feet away. But when I took the next step, it was as if he'd been given an electric shock. I stood back again. A little later he reached out and touched me gently with his nose. I moved in closer, and he was ok. But when I touched his neck, he pinned his ears. I stood nearby a little longer, and then went over to be with Chloe, who was lying down.

I sat down nearby, wondering if she'd mind if I got closer. She answered my question by reaching out toward me with her nose. I moved in close and scratched her, and we were comfortable.

When Bridget came over, I got up to deflect her so that Chloe would be left in peace.

While talking to Bridget, I  became aware of Rose being aware of me. A few moments later, I was standing near Chloe again, when Rose walked up to me and plonked herself down on the ground for a rest.

As she lay, she made the same little grunts and groans as the recumbent George and Chloe. She rested her nose on the ground and drifted into quite a deep sleep for a few minutes, twitching - REM sleep?

Bridget finally came snooping over in a mischievous mood, banishing Rose's peace and quiet. Rose made the meanest faces she was able but finally got up. She continued with the mean faces, but Bridget was, as usual, totally unimpressed. She doesn't even bother to get annoyed in return. Rose gets very cross when Bridget interrupts quality time she's having with a human being. I thought it was very sweet that she came and lay down next to me.

Tomorrow I'm off to Scotland for a niece's wedding. Unless my destination offers a) Internet and b) horses, this is it until I get back. I'm leaving a horsey daughter and non-horsey daughter in charge until my return - hopefully everyone will get along beautifully.

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