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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Helping Chloe

Until it thaws a bit and I can go out on manure clean-up patrol, I'm running out of places to put hay down. Today I served the hay on a virgin stretch of snow along the fence, cut off from the rest of the field by a strip of frozen run-off water.

The three horses crossed cautiously, finding that their weight broke the ice and gave them a foothold. Not so Chloe. Her dainty figure wasn't hefty enough to fracture the glassy surface. She walked back and forth, looking for a way over, but gave up.

I called her over to the fence, thinking she could make her way across at that spot, as there was a line of crusty snow running along the fence which looked as if it might provide better footing.

Chloe pawed a little, but declined to cross. Ok, Chloe, I'm coming in.

She stayed put, and I climbed over the gate to join her where she was standing. I stamped on the ice and managed to smash a few footholds (in my new shoes, mind you). But Chloe chose that moment to follow the path I'd originally recommended - picking her way along the line of snow at the base of the fence.

Not there yet. The George Troll is standing between Chloe and the free pile of hay.

Not enough room to safely pass between George and the fence. And the frozen river is to his right. Chloe went over to inspect the ice to see if maybe she could circumnavigate on that side. Nope. So she parked herself where she was and let it be known how convenient it would be for some hay to be served up in that very spot.

Right here will do nicely, thank you.
Yes ma'am, right away. I fetched her a couple of flakes and left them to it.

It occurs to me that there are those who might find such descriptions about as thrilling as listening to an account of paint drying. Silly people.


  1. I love these descriptions. These kind of moments make my day and I love being able to document them in a blog.

    I am also really enjoying the photos you have been putting up recently. Chloe reminds me so much of Rosie in character.

  2. I know - not so long ago we'd've had to wait like three weeks to get our colour photos back from the developer!

  3. Paint drying?
    I don't think so ;-)

    I love reading about all your horses' different personalities!

    Chloe sure is cute. I love the picture of her waiting for you to "deliver" some hay. Too funny!

    ....and George the troll.....HAhaha!

  4. These moments are what it's all about. Sure, you could just put the hay down and walk away, leaving the horses to sort themselves out and Chloe probably would have found her way over eventually. But then you get from them what you've put in - nothing!
    Lovely to see this little dance with Chloe.