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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Um, George ...

I looked out to see George up close to Rose,  reaching his head under her and nipping at her at legs. Next thing you know, he's mounted her. This happened a couple of times.

Well I do declare.

Here is Chloe with her best "Excuse me, I know you've got hay in the back of that car, how about throwing some of it over here" look. She followed when I drove my daughter down the drive to the bus this morning.

And I can never resist a lying-down shot.

Is it just me, or does he look extra smug?


  1. I guess this means they're getting along?

  2. Are you really that cool about George climbing aboard? My barn manager absolutely freaked out when Dar mounted a mare. It was the beginning of the end for him. I had never had a gelding, let alone a studdy one, so her hysteria had quite an impact on me. And he does look quite satisfied with himself.

  3. Yeah, I guess it's ok. I told his previous owner about it today, and she said that he had to be moved away from the half-grown fillies at her place to protect them from him mounting them. Understandable. And I wouldn't want him climbing on little Chloe. But I've seen Rose when she's not "in the mood," and she's able to keep him away just by a look. His aggressiveness is not to the fore when it comes to trying to get with the girls. He just becomes pathetic and sort of pleading.

    I think part of the reason he looks pleased is that he really needed contact of any kind with the mares, and this was definitely contact. He's a deep one that George. He struggles with his emotions.