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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Not Much to Report

Today, I officially declare, is the Last Very Cold Day of Winter. So - Yay!

Here are the mares taking a nap while George stands guard.


  1. Yay spring! It was -12 up here this morning. I'm definitely ready for that to be over.

  2. Just like Canadian geese. I really your view, I do.

  3. What a nice photo!

    They all look so content & happy :)

    We've been battling frigid weather here in Wisconsin as well.

    At least you can see grass. We just have GIANT piles of snow everywhere. Poor Grif even gave up the other day trying to find some under the snow. He thought all the digging was getting to be too much work :)

    I can't wait for spring!!!!!

  4. Do Canadian geese do that too?

    Carol - are you happy about the Packers?

  5. Retrospective - I was right - it did turn out to be the last very cold day of winter. I'm writing now a little over a year later on the FIRST very cold day of winter!