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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day Two

Today was the second day of solo lawn-venturing for George and Bridget.

Once again, Bridget was first at the gate but hesitated too long.

I think George might be coming. He'll be mad.
So George got to come out first. Sure enough, this time he had a little bit of energy left over from eating to snoop around. I was in the kitchen, and when I turned around, there he was.

If I'm at the other end of a leadrope, George will stay out on the lawn indefinitely, but as I was busy mowing and he was on his own, he got lonely after about 40 minutes and wanted to go home. I asked Rose if she would like to come out, but she said, "Nope, don't want to, too scary." Bridget clearly wanted a turn, so I put the halter and leadrope on her,  and sternly instructed George not to interfere with our egress. Amazingly, I convinced him, and I let Bridget out. She too took a few minutes to explore.

I kept an eye on what she was eating. I know from my youthful days reading pony books that lawn cuttings are Not To Be Fed to Horses.

That mower was fixed just in the nick of time.
Bridget lasted about half an hour or so before wanting to go back with the others. Maybe next time I'll take a book outside and keep Bridget or George company - to see if that gives them the confidence to be on their own a little longer.


  1. I guess heaven actually has an address. It's where you live, with George at the kitchen door. There is no way for me not to be jealous. No way.

  2. Yup, I'm liking this kitchen door thing!