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Monday, April 11, 2011

Trail Blazing

The riding mower just returned from the repair shop. For the first time ever, I'm getting a head start  - before the herbage runs rampant - on cutting some trails for riding, running, and walking. Despite a fraught encounter with a hidden iron bar, which caused the mower to have a temporary seizure, I managed to mow a couple of paths and return the mower intact to the barn. Tomorrow, I'm going to make a nice little path around the big alfalfa field, and when the weed whacker returns from the shop, I'm planning some more clearance exploits. Of course, I was supposed to be mowing the lawn today, but  that is way too boring.

Now if we can just keep the mower going, I'll be able to keep these trails clear all summer!


  1. I would think lif you can go without meeting anymore metals bars, that mower might just work all summer for you.

  2. I wish! I went out yesterday, and it wouldn't start!