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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Evening Gallop

This evening after supper, the dogs and I went for a stroll up behind the horses' field.

George kind of wanted to play with the dogs and trotted along the fence in pursuit.

Of late, George has taken to running the mares off at dinnertime, taking off after them in a high-speed circuit of the field, before they all come back and settle down. Of course his ostensible aim is to show them that he's the Boss of Dinner. But he's always been the boss of dinner, and he always used to impress this upon the mares by means of evil glances and tooth-bared lunges. This new method is partly just for fun. George doesn't quite know how to play, but he's managed to transform this pre-dinner show of authority into a bit of a romp.

Today after jogging beside me and the dogs along the fence, the horses took off into a flat-out, thundering gallop - apparently for the sheer joy of it. Chloe moved her legs twice as fast as the big horses and managed to muster bursts of speed which matched theirs. Sometimes the mares would slow down and cluster together for a moment, before charging off again at the approach of George.

They ran and ran, until I could hearing them breathing from clear across the field. They finally stopped by the gate where I feed them and hinted that it was time for hay to be served.

It's nice to see them having fun together - the socialization of George is slowly progressing. Moreover, it's frightfully good for their hoofs to run like that!


  1. I just noticed this at the top of your blog, "The opinions expressed in previous entries may or may not express the current opinion of the author."

    I have to say I agree with that statement 100% with regards to my blog. It's amazing how much we can change in a few, short years!

    It must have been fun watching them run like that! I always have to stop and watch running horses.

  2. I love watching them run - and I love the sound too!