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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


On Sunday there was a brush fire across the road, burning around the edges of about a 5- or 10-acre area. We could hear the flames crackling up at the house, and as the grass is very dry, I was afraid some sparks might jump the road and start burning up toward the barn. So I called the Fire Department, who came out in force.

Spraying the fire
Now Chloe happened to be out on the lawn while all this was going on. After the neighbors and I had exhausted the entertainment to be gotten out of watching the fire trucks driving around the field, I returned to the house. A little later I looked out and saw - yikes - Chloe across the road.

I dashed out and retrieved her, the other horses meanwhile charging around their pasture in a state of great anxiety - "What's she doing?! She's not supposed to be over there!"

Some more neighbors were out witnessing all this, and their little boy wanted to say hello to Chloe. She was in no mood, but I asked her to be polite. She came over, sniffed the little guy's leg, let him pat her once, and then said, "That's it, we're done here."

Chloe must have somehow been attracted toward the commotion, I guess. What a funny girl. Her lawn privileges are now restricted - temporarily at least - and when I let her out today, I tied a barrier across the drive.

I felt like our little world had been all shook up.

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