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Friday, July 29, 2011


Ok, so I have been sort of dreading the vet coming. The horses need their shots, particularly because we do have rabies in this area, and that is one shot you can't administer yourself.

The vet is very nice and kind and patient. However, I always feel this pressure to a) not waste his time, b) prove that my hippydippy approach to horses actually works, and c) not waste money, while at the same time d) staying faithful to my horses. The pressure, I must stress, is not coming from him, but from my own anxiety.

Inspired by Lynne Gerard's example and by her success in getting her semi-wild young Sorrais vetted, I have emailed my vet to spell out my approach, ask for his help and cooperation, and to tell him that I'm willing to pay for him to come out "for nothing."

We have to take the pressure of "getting the job done" off the table. I want him to be able to work with the horses as I do, and if that means half an hour has gone by and nobody has their shots yet, and he has to leave and come back another day, then THAT'S OK!

I was happy that he emailed back saying he was quite willing to help in this way.

I am deciding not to worry about the potential expense, which may be irrational.

Our appointment is for August 9th. Will post!

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