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Monday, July 25, 2011

A Verray Parfit Gentil Knight

George has a new name, although he's still called George.

After we returned from vacation yesterday, Bridget was standing hanging her head over the fence, plainly wishing for some diversion.

So I went in to the pasture, put on her halter and leadrope, and approached the gate. George, of course, approached the gate too. Over a week has gone by, after all, since he last came out of the field. However, it's high time I started taking Bridget out for regular solo expeditions, and I was determined. I promised George that Bridget was only going out for exercise and training purposes, and that there would be No Grazing Allowed.

George still stood there. As I stood beside him, pulling his ears, and prattling on about how I really wished he would move out of my way, visions of Carolyn Resnick and Hempfling brandishing long sticks came into view - long sticks with which they would skillfully express their point of view as to the desired location of the likes of George. My eyes cast about in a desultory fashion, looking at various objects on the ground, as I wondered whether I could use said objects to similar effect.

But I just stood there, prattling and waiting, Bridget hiding behind me.

Then George took himself out of the way so perfectly and beautifully that Bridget and I were able to exit without the least rush, and he stayed in position long enough for me to take this photo.

You can see the edge of the still-open gate at the bottom left.
I was speechless with admiration. Well, actually I wasn't speechless, and as I rushed about pulling up handfuls of grass to hand over the fence to him, I continued prattling, telling him how absolutely fantastic he is.

And I told him that no matter what kind of a George he had been up until this moment, he was hereinafter to be known as the namesake of St. George, he of damsel-rescuing, dragon-slaying fame.

Bridget and I had a very nice walk - and although of course she snatched the odd mouthful, there was no actual grazing, in faithfulness to my promise to George. When we returned, George let us back in.

I am grateful that although I am pretty clueless when it comes to demanding what I want, my kind friend is nevertheless generous enough to offer what I ask as a gift freely given.


  1. Very nice! I just watched a Nova documentary about dogs and how even puppies are able to decode a human's eye movements. I wondered if anyone has performed similar studies on horses.