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Saturday, March 27, 2010


Since their expedition together the other day, Chloe and Bridget are tight. Today when I went into the pasture, they both came up together, Chloe taking off at a trot ahead of Bridget as they drew closer.

I put the halter on Bridget and invited her to come with me. At first, Chloe decided not to come out with us, but after Bridget had looked around inside the barn for a while, inspecting other peoples' stalls, Chloe came to the gate and whinnied. So we got her out; she wanted to snoop in the barn too.

Then we proceeded to the great outdoors for some evening grazing. They heard the other horses coming in for dinner but decided the good grass was better. Finally I had to think about going home to make the humans' meal, and I lead the way back to the barn, where they ate their dinner before being turned out again.

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