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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Gus is a bright red, stocky quarter horse from the Skipper W line. He belongs to the barn owner and is my riding buddy. He has an unusually shaped (but very handsome) head, with odd whorls, which if you believe Linda Tellington-Jones, indicates a quirky personality. I prefer the word "mercurial."

Yesterday, when I went to bring Gus in from the pasture for a ride, he approached me as usual and let me put the halter on. But then, when I invited him to follow me towards the barn, he gave me the look that only Gus can give. It seems to say, "I'm so sorry, dear, but today just doesn't work with my schedule. Why don't you have your people call my people in a day or two, and we'll see what can be done."

Every time this happens, I am convinced Gus will never come with me again. I asked his brother Skipper if he would like to come. He replied, "Um, thanks for asking, but no." So I went over to the Morgans' pasture, where Duncan said, "Oh yes please! Take me with you!" So shaggy old Duncan came along, and we trimmed his feet, and then went for walkies along the trail, and we had a lovely time, and he didn't want to go back into the pasture.

So I guess it worked out. Though I still don't know if Gus will ever come with me again .......

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