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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cuddling Chloe

It is very hard to resist Chloe when she's standing all alone at the fence by the house, waiting for the gate fairy to come and open the portal to lawn-grazing shangri-la. Or when she makes eye contact with me from half way across the field and hypnotizes me to meet her at the gate.

Chloe, of course, is the one who least needs the extra grazing, but she's the only one reliable enough to be entrusted with the freedom. I used to worry about her weight, but although every summer she gets as fat as a burrito, she has never shown any signs of sore feet. So now I cautiously allow her a little indulgence. After all, she is Chloe.

When out foraging, she's all business - nothing can distract her from maximum grass consumption. Once  back in the pasture though, she is ready to socialize. The other day, after putting her back after a spell of lawn mowing, I sat on the stone step by the gate, and she stayed with me. We sat for a long time, knee-to-knee, Chloe allowing me to lean my head on her shoulder.  I need that pony to come in the house. I think she might enjoy watching Nanny re-runs with me.

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