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Friday, October 15, 2010

The Grass May Be Greener, but the Sky Isn't Bluer

I love where I live. But it's not perfect.

Some days my ungrateful mind will dwell on one of the reasons in the litany of why not: oh, I wish we had a proper creek; I wish we had a pond; I wish there wasn't a drought every summer; it would be nice if the soil were better; I wish we were nearer the sea; we need more trees; it gets too cold in the winter; the mountain isn't very tall; life would be better if there were no copperheads in the woods. And so it goes.

But there's one thing we have here which is perfect - the sky. I think the sky in our little corner of the Earth is the most beautiful sky in the whole world.

Every day the sky has a different mood. This is how it was today.

As for the horses, I know we have the best horses in the world.