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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cute Overload

Oh my gosh, I just trimmed the feet of two 5-month old miniature horses. They were the most adorable creatures I ever did see.

When I say trimmed, that is an overstatement, as they've never really had their feet handled before. Their owner is really nice, and we agreed that the important thing was to make the whole experience a pleasant one, rather than to focus on git-r-done.

They were both very cooperative, and I got the front feet of one of them more or less trimmed. The other is more self-protective, and so we were satisfied with his becoming comfortable with picking his feet up for me, and letting me hold them for just a millisecond. His heels are curling under, though, so I hope that quitting while we were ahead this time means that next time we'll be able to get those heels down some.

If I had those little cuties, you know they'd be in my house in about two seconds.

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