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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Make Way for Duckling

Well now, looking at things squarely, George really doesn't like to be asked to move his feet. I mean, he'll do it, and he'll do it on the slightest hint of a request usually. But he just always looks a little resentful. Now KFH points out that horses sometimes look a bit off when they realize you're going to start telling them what to do, but I just don't like his not liking it.

However .... if I tuck him into the soft spot, just behind and to the side, and get him to walk along with me like the good little duckling he is, he doesn't mind. And he doesn't show annoyance if I re-position us when he gets ahead.

And since I've started doing this, he's moved my duckling position from his left hip to his left shoulder, which may mean something, good or bad, or may mean nothing at all. Anyway, I think the forward movement of this leading practice sort of shakes out the kinks of resentment. Standing still or working in a small area, the negative chi can build up, you know? (Not that I have the slightest idea of what I'm talking about.) Besides, the leading thing is maternal, whereas the "move-your-feet-please" thing is more straightforwardly dominating.

Also, I've been thinking - showing annoyance to George should be resisted, because that's the last thing I want him to copy. So, like, today I was trying to do that KFH thing where you stand still in yogic serenity for minutes on end, while your horse gazes at you, transfixed. Well, George is just all up in my grill, and if I don't let him chew my face, he'll turn his attention to my feet. So then I stand further away and keep putting him back when he moves. But then it's Goodbye Yogic Serenity. So sometimes I just really want to kick him. But that wouldn't be a good idea at all.

So while I plan to keep on with my insistence of a moment of peace in between doing things, I think the best way for now induce George to pay some some kind of attention to my views, is to practice leading.

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