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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Different Strokes

It's been raining for about 12 hours straight. I finally took pity on the horses and moved them into the pasture with the shelter. I even put hay in there for them. But they had no interest in getting out of the rain and immediately settled down to grazing the new grass that has emerged since the end of the drought.

Not so the dogs. They had fun running around, and then they said, "Yikes, let's get out of the rain!" and they went to dry themselves off on my duvet. Thanks, guys.


  1. Love the picture of your dogs! No better life than a good life.

  2. I suppose dogs know that they can do a quick dash and get a kill, or that their kind owners regularly set them lovely meaty food. Horses need that constant browsing and nibbling.

    I do like all your ponderings regarding George, by the way. I can really relate to such thoughts, as I have one who makes me ponder too.


  3. Yes, that's something we humans have in common with our dogs - sometimes after dinner we just like to get into our cave and lie on the couch!

    Ponderings is a good word for it.