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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Getting to Know You

Today I spent a long time Sharing Space with the horses, which meant I spent most of the time in this position:

I put some hay out for everyone, brought out the grooming box, took a pile of hay for myself, and interacted with whoever chose to come over - mostly Bridget.
Bridget inspects contents
When the horses had all had their fill of hay and of attention, they dispersed, and I wandered over to be near Rose, who had not yet come over to say hello.

I remembered Sandra's description on her blog, Two Horses, of one of her mares, Minnie, who doesn't come into her space uninvited, and into whose space, therefore, she does not go uninvited. Rose does not push into one's space, and so I thought I'd better just give her space and let her decide if she wanted to get closer. 

I sat down. She grazed her way over to me until she was nibbling next to my leg.  I stood up and positioned myself close to her shoulder a few feet away.  Again she grazed her way over until she was standing next to me, just touching. I started scratching her neck, which she liked. What she really wanted, though, was for me to stand close to her head and let her have a nap. She got cross when Bridget came close and snaked her head out.

We stood together for a while, until the spell was broken by another Bridget-approach, and then it was time to go into the house.


  1. Lovely, the way Rose came over to you and then looked for protection so she could have a nap!

  2. Well, I protected her very well from bears and tigers, but I'm afraid I wasn't much good at protecting her from Bridget! I have never seen the horses lying down (although maybe they do at night), and I wonder if it's because they're all a little leery of each other still .... ?

  3. I only see Minnie and Cassie lying down occasionally, they often lie down at dawn, and they might already be up again when I come to see them. Sometimes I know, because I can see the imprint of blades of grass on Cassie's coat, or they are damp on one side. They never lie down for long