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Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Walk With June

June was quite well-behaved today. First off, she gave me a pocketful of chopped apple, which earned her some points right there.

She decided we should go for a walk. I make it quite clear that there was absolutely no need to leave the property.

However, she kept going on about how she was sooooo booooored staying at home, so I finally decided to humour her.

There were some strange things in the distance.

We stopped for a lot of snack breaks, and things started looking up when I found some alfalfa.

I had to stop sometimes to make sure the coast was clear ahead.

I am so totally not scared of motorbikes, on account of they're always driving by my field.

It was quite fun when we ran together, but only trouble is, that June is veeeery slow.

She's trying to keep up.
And that's not the only thing about her that's slow either. I had to make the "Let's run" face at her five times in a row at least before she figured out what I was talking about.

This is sorta kinda what my "let's run" face
looks like, but not quite exactly.
I was still a bit worried about what those mares were getting up to back home without me. They're so needy.

When we stopped for grass (well, when I did anyway, June lives on coffee or something like that), sometimes June got to decide when we started up again, and sometimes it was my turn to decide.

Finally I told June it was really time to head home, and I suggested a shortcut. She was quite cooperative and said it was ok.

When we got back to the field, those mares were very glad to see me.

And no wonder, because as you can see, I am damn fine.


  1. I love him, June. How old is he?

  2. He's rising 8 I guess. We got him in Oct. '09 when he was six. He hadn't been ridden for about two years and was only green-broke at that.

  3. Nice! You are getting on well.