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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sharing Knowledge?

George must have told Chloe that he taught me about the "Let's run" face yesterday.

Today I was up in the pasture, putting out the evening hay ration. Now, although Rose and Bridget allow Chloe to eat with them, sometimes she likes to have a flake all to herself, so when I saw her standing off a little bit, I thought she wanted me to bring her a private portion.

I walked over with the flake of hay, but when I reached Chloe, there it was -- the "Let's run" face. I started running, and sure enough, Chloe took off beside me.

When I stopped, I was going to put the hay down, because I thought perhaps one reason Chloe wanted to run was to quick put some distance between herself (and her hay) and the other big horses. But no, she didn't want me to put her hay down in that spot, and she lead me back to the main pile of hay before deciding to take a bite.

All day today, whenever I was outside, I would catch Chloe in the distance, staring rather longingly towards me. Naturally I thought she was hoping I would come and let her out for a spot of lawn grazing. But perhaps not - perhaps she was waiting for a chance to test whether I really did know what the "Let's run" face means. I wonder.

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  1. I've been discovering this "let's run"-face with Olga and Skuggi. Skuggi usually drives me out with very stallion-like actions and then when I take off, he comes after me with proud neck and joyful expression. Olga does a quick nod in quite high head when she wants to go go go!