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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Running with Rose

At mealtimes, we often have a live demonstration of the song, "There Were Ten in the Bed." Only in this case, it's not the Little One who says, "Move over" - it's George. The one who falls out has to circle around and go to George's food.

This morning, George moved over to Bridget's dish, Bridget moved over to Rose's dish, and Rose was heading over to Chloe's. But I thought it would be better for Chloe to stay with her pony-sized portion and for  Rose to take over George's. So I stood in front of Rose and said, "Hey, Rose, shall we go over to George's food?"

I looked at Rose, she looked at me, and I said, "Come on!" I started running, and she started running, and we ran over to where George's breakfast sat vacant.

Rose and I don't have as much of a connection as I feel with the others, and so it was good to feel that spark between us.


  1. We call this operation "the rotation" :)

  2. It is nice when they pick up on your energy and run with you. You don't mind if they eat from each others' buckets then? I have Rosie on extra supplements, so I do not want Ben eating hers.

  3. No it's ok. The three bigger horses seem to need about the same amount of food. Chloe has less of course, but because she's at the bottom of the pecking order, that works out.

    While our old mare was alive, she needed extra feed and supplements, and although she was queen of our little herd, they wound up being pastured with a very bossy quarter horse as well, and she needed to be brought out of the pasture at mealtimes. Rose has come out of the winter looking ribby - while George and Bridget look just about right - so maybe next winter she'll need extra, which will necessitate separating her, as she is no. 3. Either that or I'll feed all 3 of the bigger horses more - maybe some alfalfa hay - as it wouldn't hurt them to have a few extra pounds, although they don't need it.