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Monday, August 29, 2011

Asking George

Since George fixed my leg, I've been wondering. Maybe this is something he's good at. Maybe even something he wants to do. I asked this healer lady, and she said healers are vulnerable - George is vulnerable.

I have a friend with an abusive ex-husband. Her four kids have to spend every other weekend with this man. He can't touch them, but he's emotionally abusive, malevolent and frightening. One of the kids in particular has started shutting down emotionally, losing hope, and turning inward. His mother is worried about him.

I suddenly wondered today - what if? I texted my friend and said maybe the boy would like to spend some time with the horses, as sometimes they can help people.

It so happened that my friend texted me back right when I was with George. She liked the idea. I felt like I should talk to George about it and ask if it's ok. But how? I mean, like, how does this work? Do I use my words? Do I try and go all Zen and wait for something to come in? Do I ask for a sign? George wanders off.

Typical me - my mind is hip-hopping all around these questions like a restless child. George comes back, stops in front of me, and offers me his foreleg.

He's never done that before, except one time when I was sitting down, he put his knee on my lap.

George is so good at cutting through all my mental gyrations. Here's me looking for a Sign or an Inspiration or Words from Above. And George just comes over and reaches out to me with his arm.

So I guess it's a yes?


  1. I know that when I was a terribly unhappy kid my horse was the only good thing I had going. I bet George will be up for the challenge of helping him.

  2. Now we just have to figure out how to get the kid over here.

  3. I believe out of all the animals on this planet, horses have a much greater ability to read into a person's emotions over any other animal.

    I think this is a terrific place to start to see if George really does want to be a teacher and help others. ....and from your posts, I am seeing what you are seeing, that the answer is yes. George will probably "know" more about what this child is going through in the first 10 minutes spent with him than human adults have figured out in weeks.

    When my brother was killed, it was probably a week or more before I had the courage to face anything or anyone (my brother was truly my best friend). My family was grieving and, through no fault of their own, were not all that conscious of my pain. I also found it hard to talk to them. Many of my friends also didn't know how to respond to me which also made me feel more isolated. I got to the point where I began to distance myself from a lot of people because it was just too hard to be around them.
    I remember sitting for hours in Griffin's pasture. He stayed close -- not more than 10 feet away from me at any given time, even though there was better grass the other end. Grif knew I was hurting...and he knew on that first day I visited him after my brother's death. I am convinced to this day that I wouldn't have faired as well thru everything had it not been for him.
    Of all of your horses, I suspect George will gravitate towards this boy faster than any of the others -- because he will KNOW....
    I would be very interested to hear how this plays out. ....and how very nice of you to offer this to someone who obviously is in need. My heart aches for the boy :(

  4. Thanks, Carol - I'm glad to know that you also feel that George wants to help.

    Send some positive vibes this way for the boy - he's reluctant to go out and about much as he's gotten so isolated within himself. I hope we'll be able to bring him here. I feel like if he could just sit in the back yard and let George come over in his own time, that would be good.

  5. George's communication with you is a real sign of how close your relationship has become. I do hope you can get this kid in.