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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bridget Needs a Hobby

Today Bridget pulled the cushion off the swing. Having accomplished this, she put her foot up onto the swing, where it got slightly stuck. (This was all witnessed through the window by my daughter). She gave a tug, the foot was freed, and the swing was thereby set into animated motion. At this point, I happened to look out - Bridget was standing admiring the swinging motion, and when it subsided a little, she went over and tried to put her foot up on it again.

She knocked over the recycle bin again. She reached over the porch railing and managed to get hold of a bucket and lift it up. And I found her playing with the old karate punching stand.

All this after she managed to break my car door by barreling past it while it stood open, in an effort to quickly get away from George. I drove (holding the door shut with one hand and steering with the other) along the road to my long-suffering and skillful neighbor/car mechanic who managed to get the car door to open and shut again (without charging me anything). Only serious body work will restore the door's former state of perfection, however. Bridget was completely unscathed.

She also bumped into me today, as she ran past on her way out of the field, and nearly knocked me over.

Yup, Bridget needs some structured activities. Maybe boot camp.

Bridget as a baby. She liked garbages cans back then too.

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