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Monday, August 22, 2011

How Did She Get Through?

There are George and Rose, where they're supposed to be, on THIS side of the fence. There's Bridget, having somehow beamed herself through to the other side. Note sagging tape which used to be tight.

Having achieved this counter-Newtonian marvel, she whinnied to me that she wanted to come back the old-fashioned way. So I untied the tape to let her return. Having done so, as I was re-tying, she immediately turned around and proceeded to try and rearrange her molecules once more to get back to the other side.

Here's how I think it's done (although I may well be wrong): I think she backs up to the tape, feels it on the back of her legs, carefully lifts her hind legs over, and then keeps backing so that the upper strand slides forward over her neck and ears.

Knowing Bridget, it's more than likely that the whole purpose of this trans-barrier maneuvering is for entertainment, or for the sake of an interesting challenge.

Like I said before, she needs a hobby.


  1. How I would love to see her in action ! How funny!

    Griffin will take a fence apart as well if it is not electrified (and he KNOWS when this is the case without having to touch it). I've always had to insist that he be pastured in a solid (board or synthetic panel) fence or electric for this reason. He has been hurt before, taking wire apart.

    I wonder what Bridget would do with some horse toys. One of the catalogs I get has one that rolls in the pasture....you put treats inside & when it gets rolled - they pop out in places. I imagine Bridget would have fun with something like that -- but then again I could see George playing with it & not sharing very well (because there's food in there) LOL

    I read your comment on K's blog and I think George definitely has some wisdom to share.....he'd make an amazing teacher. I really do think all of our horses have something to teach, but some have more of an affinity for it. I can see that in your posts about George :-)

  2. Maybe Bridget did a Cassie: stick head through, lift head so that tape rolls down neck and rests on back. Step over bottom tape and enjoy sensation of top tape gently rolling along back and hey presto, you're through!

  3. Yes, that sounds like a good way to get through! Bridget and Cassie look a bit alike - seems like they're alike in other ways too ....