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Friday, August 12, 2011

Peace & Quiet with George, and a Bit of Fun with Bridget

When George is not busy biting people, he is the sweetest, most peaceful creature in the world. Yesterday, he wanted to spend time with me standing by his side - not asking to be scratched or anything, just resting with his eyelids drooping. Even me pretending to be a vet and jabbing sharp objects into his neck did not ruffle his beatitude. I have a really cute photo of him, but my computer refuses to listen to my memory stick any more, and my phone has decided to quit sending photos.

This morning, I sat on the kitchen steps drinking my coffee, and George parked himself beside me again, with his little ears lopping out to the sides.

Also this morning, I was standing by a gate when Bridget came over to have her tail scratched. I've always thought that when we start riding, it should just be an extension of the close-contact physicality which Bridget enjoys. I climbed up on the gate. She backed up towards me, and I was able to sort of sit on her butt like a chair and scratch her at the same time, while holding onto the gate with the other hand. Then I held tight to the gate and lifted one leg onto her back, and scratched her with my foot. When she was facing me, I could lift my leg up to her head and scratch her neck with my foot and let her chew on my shoe. It all felt very natural.

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