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Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunday in the Yard with George

The horses were out Sunday afternoon, and I got to spend a little time with each of them.

George likes to rub up alongside me like a cat, very gently, and then stop, putting me into position next to him. Sometimes it's a brief interlude; other times he wants to stay a while.

I took Bridget for walk. She really wants to climb the gate, I think, so I took her to the pile of shale, which we ascended and descended a couple of times. Then she played with the empty, upside-down trough, getting her teeth on it to drag it along, and putting her foot up onto it.

I brushed Rose a little, and she came up to me and touched my arm, which I believe she's never done before.

I let Chloe out again in the evening, because she came over to the gate and Looked at me. When I went out an hour later to put her back, she was heading toward the gate, as happens sometimes - as if she knew I was coming.

But when I opened the gate, she didn't go through. I put the halter on her and persuaded her to follow me - inch by inch - down the drive a ways. Practicing, you know, for when we go on expeditions, which might happen one of these days. After she'd grazed for a bit, I said, "Time to go back now!" But she was having none of it. I tried pulling, I tried pushing, she refused to budge. Finally, at the end of her rope, as well as mine, I sat down in the middle of the driveway.

Chloe immediately walked forward, stopped next to me, dropped her head down over me, and closed her eyes.

We sat for about five minutes; then she gave me a purposeful nudge with her head, as if to say, "Ok, we can go now." I stood up, and she willingly walked back to the gate and into her field.

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