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Friday, August 12, 2011

Bridget Discovers the Joys of Single-Stream Recycling

She has figured out exactly how to take the lid off the bin. And if June scurries over to remove the glass, everything is good for playing with.

She then pried the lid off the regular garbage and lifted the bag out.

I intervened at this point and put the garbage somewhere safe from prying jaws.

Meanwhile George wanted to come in the house.

Sorry about the mess in the back hall
My daughter thinks the horses are getting out of hand and should not be allowed to make a mess. I remember telling my mother something similar when she allowed my little niece to take liberties with property for the sake of keeping the little dear amused. My mother paid about as much attention to me as I did to my daughter. I could argue with her that in the wild, horses have thousands of acres to roam and explore, and failing that, the least we can offer them is a toy chest full of plastic bottles and cardboard. I could argue, but I'm the mom, so I get to just have my way.

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