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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bridget and the Gate

Bridget has a fascination for the gate which I use to cordon off the driveway when the horses are loose in the yard. This attraction is a new phenomenon, coinciding with my new hobby of hanging out with Bridget while perched a-top the gate.

Of course, the gate is a portal to the world of longer grass on the other side, and yesterday when I saw her pawing at it, I assumed she wanted to go out to eat.

After her grazing excursion, she parked herself beside the gate again, but this time she wanted to have a nice nap, resting the entire weight of her head and neck on my arm.

I have never known Bridget to be so peaceful and pensive.

After her rest, she started putting her foot on the gate again, but when I held out the halter and opened up the gate a little, she turned down the offer. What did she want? Did she want me to climb up the gate? It seemed so, as she stopped gesturing once I was up.

But after a while, she pawed at the gate again, and again turned down the offer of going through. Here's what I think - she really wishes she could climb up there too.

p.s. When I was bringing George back from a little grazing, Bridget was waiting by the gate. When they touched noses over the top, Bridget squealed and struck out. Her left foreleg ended up stuck between the very top two bars. My moment of panic evaporated as Bridget pulled her foot out in a calm and capable manner. I'd no idea she could strike so high - that girl could be a Rockette.


  1. I imagine that Bridget DOES want to share that gate with you :) ..Wouldn't it be interesting to see what our horses would do if they could occupy a human form for a day? What would they want to try that they've seen us do?

    I imagine my boy would like to go for a car ride. Griffin will stick his entire head inside the open window of a car. Even after the person inside is out of the car, Grif will still want to poke his head in if the window is open. I think if he could be a human for a day, he would want to take a road trip :-)

    ...and please tell George he is not alone. Grif usually makes angry faces at the vet the entire time he is at the barn....then he looks at me and does his best sad face ("Do I have to?")...he's an expert at what he does, because it makes my heart melt :(

  2. Carol, Bridget does that too! She wants to check out the car. You must have seen the Youtube video of "Patches the Coolest Horse", right?

  3. I've read more than once about horses that absolutely love to stand on a pedestal. I wonder how she would like it if you made one for her and set it up so she could stand on it while you sit on the gate next to her.