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Monday, August 30, 2010

George is Super Awesome

Today I took George out, and he grazed, and browsed among the fallen apples, and tried to break into a bin full of feed.
Open Sesame.  Please.
After George was returned to the field, it was Bridget's turn to come out.  After a similar tour of the yard, also involving apples (although not attempted feedbin felony),
it was time to put her back.  And as usual, there was George, guarding the gate.

Recently, I've thought that George has deliberately been finding an excuse to leave the gate area in order to facilitate Bridget's re-entry.  So today I thought I'd consciously ask for his help, rather than telling him to get out of the way.  Bridget and I stopped at the gate, and I told George what our problem was. He stood for quite a long time, alternately pawing the gate, making faces at Bridget, and nibbling on grass. Whenever he crowded the gate too much, I pressed back on his chest with a feather-light amount of pressure, to which he responded.  Other than that, I let him be.  Bridget waited more or less patiently. Finally, he moved off slightly to one side, which allowed me to open the gate a fraction and resume a new waiting position in the opening.  More standing and waiting.

Then he suddenly turned and deliberately walked away up the fence, far enough to let Bridget through comfortably.  When he turned back toward us, he didn't try to run Bridget off before her halter was removed.

I told him how fabulous he was and ran to get everybody more apples.  I thought George looked rather pleased about the whole thing.  After I left, the mares wandered off, but George stood up by the house for a while, waiting.

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