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Sunday, August 15, 2010

What Not to Wear While Riding

My daughter and Rose were out grazing the lawn. My daughter is going back to college in a couple of days, and she remarked wistfully that she hadn't had a chance to ride Rose this summer, as Rose "wasn't ready." She's been popping into the field over the summer to visit Rose, so I said, "Why don't you ask her if she minds if you hop up?" So she put her hands on Rose's back and jumped up and down a couple of times.  Rose continued placidly grazing.

So then I bent one knee to make a mounting block, and my daughter climbed onto Rose's back.  Rose remained unperturbed.

Very different from last time we tried this.

George was out with my youngest daughter today.  She is much stricter with him than I am.  She is very strict with me too.  My oldest daughter says we ought to get Super Nanny in to get her back under control.  However, I have vetoed this, as for sure she and Super Nanny would gang up together and try to get me under control. Anyway, she insists on George behaving.  This, on the other hand, is how George is with me these days:

"WOMAN!  Open this gate!  WOMAN! What do you mean I can't go over there?  WOMAN!  I'm bored! Come get me!  WOMAN! Bring me treats! Now!  WOMAN! Get over here and pay attention to ME! NOW!"

So, yeah.

Here is Rose making a funny face while chewing an apple -


  1. What a glamorous young lady you have there! Great photos. I have taken this approach sometimes with my 4 year old and Rosie. I have some very sweet photos of Rosie munching on her haynet in the stable and my daughter proudly sitting on her. Rosie just continued what she was doing, very chilled about it all.

  2. It seems to me that often horses don't have a problem with someone sitting on their back. Even when Chloe was at her most contrary (or, rather, when I was!), having a rider was not a big deal for her - it was only when the rider tried to be in control that she had a problem!