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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Out and About

When Bridget comes out of the pasture, she often goes on a quest to sample different plants, such as wisteria:

Before she'd eaten very much, I told her we'd better check with Mr. Google to see if it's poisonous.  Which it is.  I called the vet, who wasn't particularly concerned, and Bridget was fine.  I wonder if there's something in wisteria which might help her leg wound?  Mr. Google couldn't help me there.

Here she is enjoying the leaves of a tree.  It looks harmless, so I've been letting her tuck in:

Sometimes she just eats grass:

She tried to eat this tablecloth - I just missed catching the moment on camera:

She had a nibble of the bicycle:

When George goes out for an expedition, he's more interested in inspecting the property. Here he's checking out what's on the other side of this fence:

He seems to think the compost bin smells bad (funny, I didn't notice that expression until I looked at the photo):

The hammock is sort of interesting:


The porch is positively fascinating:

We definitely have to find out what goes on up there:

Here's Rose out for an amble with my daughter:

When Chloe goes out, she likes to graze the lawn while I sit in the hammock.  There's probably a gin and tonic in my other hand.

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