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Thursday, August 12, 2010

In the Hot Seat

Yesterday, feeling rather sleepy, I took a folding lawn chair into the horses' field, plonked it down, and sat in it to admire the view.

Before long, George came over to see what was up.  He chewed the chair a bit, and was all for chewing my knees, which were much more accessible than usual, as well as my hair, which ditto. He and Bridget took turns examining the strange phenomenon of a seated June, Bridget circling back as soon as George left, and leaving again when he returned.

I felt quite vulnerable sitting so low compared to the horses, especially when they started pawing me. (Yes, even George thought he'd give that a try.) But I also noticed that, for me as a human, sitting is more relaxed.  I felt a little like I'd brought a piece of my human world into the field - Here's what we humans do, we sit, and we just kindof chill.

After he was done trying to munch various parts of me and my chair, George spent some time standing next to my chair in a companionable kind of way. Bridget, however, was much too curious to settle down. At one point, when both George and Bridget had finally wandered off, Chloe saw her chance to come over.  I was looking forward to some quiet Chloe time - she would not try to chew on me - but George soon returned.

I gave George and Bridget each a chance to inspect the chair without me on it.  George wanted to pick it up in his teeth and shake it.  Bridget wanted to paw it.

Speaking of Bridget pawing - I don't know what originated the practice - but we've got a little routine going now.  She reaches out a leg; I catch it and stretch it towards me.  She seems to like this and sometimes gives a little groan or grunt.  She'll often end up opening her mouth and stretching her jaw wide.

Chloe is getting good at getting in and out of the field without clashing with George.  Today, I caught her looking at me meaningfully.  We sneaked down the fence to the gate, and she got through smartly before George noticed. When it was time to go back in, she waited outside the gate while I fiddled about, making the others back off.  As soon as the gate was open and the coast was clear, she quick dashed through. Poor George was quite put out that she had a chance to go out and eat more grass than him.  Last night, and again today, we finally got some good rain. You can already see the new green shoots of grass.

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